What can I do about a serious breach of privacy in Queensland?

I am seeking some law advice i have received a letter from Yes Optus.
i have a debt with Optus from old phone bill. They transferred the bill to arc mercantile debt agency. One of there senior employees have give out my private information to a website freelancer.com.
I ave spoken to optus they said they are very sorry for what has happened and they have told me they will wipe the out standing balance remaining from my account with optus to a $0 balance and put me on credit alert services free for 12 months.

I personally don’t think that is good enough. Being only 22 i am worried that someone may end up using my details later on in life and completely destroy my future.being they have broken there privacy act and given out my details, I don\’t think that wiping the balance and giving my 12 months on the alert service is good enough as it is the rest of my life at stake now.

What I can do about this?.

Law Noob Asked on 8 February 2016 in No Category.
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