Type of Lawyer to see about gambling/lottery?

Hello I am not sure what type of Lawyer I should be speaking with to help me understand this law. I was looking at having a small competition with prize money but am not sure if its legal or falls outside the lottery or gambling acts.

If someone could tell me what type of Lawyer to see or clarify my question a bit it would be a big help.

Law Noob Asked on 26 September 2015 in Miscellaneous Legal Questions.
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    To answer this question more fully, I need to know the State or Territory in which you wish to run this competition and whether it is online or offline.
    Given that you have not disclosed which State you are from, and that the laws of each State and Territory are different, I suggest that you visit the following site that provides information on  who to contact in the various locations. Click here for details.

    Legal Eagle Answered on 30 October 2015.
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