My x is not letting me see my children its been e

Because im on minor trafficking charges im not aloud to see my children there is no court order he just picked them up 8months ago and wont pickup the phone or answer the door or face me to discusd what is the problrm pior to this we did shared care he had them a week then i had them this went ok for 5years then he gound out o was on bail for charges of minor trafficing and in a demostic anusive relationship in wich i mever haf around my children when it was my kids werk no one came my children were never subject to the abusr infact they met him only once in a year i was moving to get out of a db house and asked thr daf if he could have them 2days extra and i have mot nrrn aloudvto even speak to them not to mention see them what do i do my memtal helth is slipping because its hurting me so muc ive never been more than a week without my 9yo and 12 yo im in a stable house and my lifes back on track the abuser i put in jail and i still cant speakbto my kids what do i do im desperate the children must be hurt by this and its not good

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