my ex bf is blackmailing me about my nude photos what can i do to stop him?

he told me that i will never have another man in my life even we breakup because if i will have he will send all my nude photos to all my family, friends and co-workers

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    Hi Kielle. Sorry to hear about your vindictive and jealous ex-partner. Don’t be too worried though, you have options.

    The best thing you can do is to go to you local police station and tell them the issue. If you have evidence of the conversation (ie, if he said it via text, email, facebook, etc rather than in person) you should bring that with you.
    If you live in Victoria, your ex-partner has already committed an offence by threatening to distribute the images and could face up to a year in prison for making the threat. If he follows through, he faces two years.

    “In New South Wales, people can be charged under the Crimes Act 1900 with publishing indecent articles, although the state is currently conducting an inquiry looking at the adequacy of its laws. In South Australia, broader offences under the Summary Offences Act 1953 relating to the distribution of an invasive image can include revenge porn offences. Nationally, people can be charged with ‘using a carriage service to cause offence or to harass or menace another person’ under Commonwealth telecommunications legislation.” Source: SBS Factbox.

    There is also an equitable way (i.e. not criminal) to ensure he does not distribute any images to your network known as an injunction – Dundas Lawyers explains on their website.

    Answer edited by Lawchoice Australia on 1 Sept 2016.

    Legal Eagle Answered on 18 October 2015.
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