Ex friend stole my savings, cancer patient

Hi , In 2008 I developed malignant melanoma and discovered that I had a brain tumor, a meningioma.


  • At this time a “friend” asked to borrow $10,000 from me. He said that it was to purchase a car so that he could finish a teaching degree remote year that would give him a permanent full time position in the city. He purchased not one but two cars. He then told me that the cars had both broken down and he needed money to fix them or he couldn’t work and then not pay me back. So I loaned him another $5,000 which he said he needed to fix a car.  He had promised to pay me 10% interest and contracts were drawn up. He made some minor payments but always failed to repay the whole amount and failed to adhere to repayment plans.


  • I threatened him with legal action on many occasions. From the start I had told him that this money was what I had saved for my future, for medical treatment and that it was not a long term loan or a gift and that I intended to move to Germany at the end of 2013.


  • He then told me that his mother in Malaysia was dying and he wanted to see her one last time. I did not want to lend him any money but he said that he would be receiving an inheritance from her that would enable him to repay me the entire debt owed to me. So I lent him the money, however on his return he told me that he had inherited a share in the family house and although he never intended to move there he could not sell it.


  • He moved into a new government funded appartment and boasted that he had lied about his income to them. It is a gated housing so I am not able to serve him with papers because no-one can get past the gate (entry is via an underground garage and then a lift accessible only with the granted access cards. The housing company (Foundation housing) refuses to help me.


  • I met a lawyer on facebook (Sarah Bevan at thames legal). They promised to serve the papers and represent me in court, all costs covered for $2,000. Although I had already written and sent two letters of demand she insisted on writing her own. She refused to recognize that he promised to pay me interest on the loaned money, even though he has written it into the annually rolled over repayment contracts (because he fails to pay). So the letter of demand that she wrote was inaccurate and misrepresentative of the case. Regardless of how many times I told her that there was an agreement of payable interest she refuses to include it. I had put $2,000 in trust, which was supposed to pay for all costs including the serving of the court papers and representation in court. However she has now sent me an invoice notifying me that she has taken the entire $2,000.


  • The person I lent the money to is a Chinese Malaysian of the name Yen Leong Lee.   During this time the Brakes have mysteriously disappeared from my car and my mobile phone was stolen – half an hour before I was to meet him at the same location. When I told him he said that he knew. He said that he had called the number and the person said that it wasn’t her phone anymore.
  • Kind Regards,
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