Should I buy a DIY Will kit or go to a lawyer to do my will?

People tell me that making a will is easy and to buy a DIY kit to save on legal fees.

Is this wise?

Law Noob Asked on 5 June 2014 in Wills and Estates.
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    It is possible to write a legally effective will using a simple DIY will kit.

    However, whether or not you should do so really depends upon the amount of assets you have and your wishes as to their disposal upon your death.

    The more assets you have the more important it is for you to see a lawyer and get a will prepared for you.

    You may wish to enter into a Bloodline Trust, to protect your children from their partners in the event of a divorce, or you may wish to also enter into an Enduring Power of Attorney where you place your affairs in the hands of a trusted party in the event you become sick or suffer a debilitating disease.

    There are many things to consider when you are ready to write your will and whilst a DIY will might seem like the best option because it is cheap – it may not be in the long run.

    Legal Eagle Answered on 10 September 2015.
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