Can I be Sueed by dealer for denying high % intr

I went to Car Show room and decided of buying it but the rate of intrest was 10.5% . So I told them wont’t be taking the car as the rate of intrest was very high and the deal is canceled.

I was not signing any documents but the sales man convienced me to sign and  told me that , I will only be buying if I am satisfied with the rate of intrest.
Now after two days , I bought another car with 0% intrest . Now I get a call from previous dealer and asked me how things are going  and asked me about the car again.I told them I bought another car and cancelled their deal on that day itself as rate of intrest was very high.

I have even have the copies of documents which I sent to their finance team , but he is saying I never gave them oppurtunity to provide me with finance.

Can the dealer Sue me ? Dont I have the rights to choose a better offer ?

I have signed the document but the sales guy clearly mentioned ‘That’s subject to Finance’. If I dont like the finance then I can walk away and that’s what I did!

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