By law do I have to number a Granny flat? e.g. 12A

We have built my mum a granny flat on our place. The council sent an application for street numbering i.e. to have street number 12 and 12A.  It said it was $318.  I decided we didn’t want it or need it, it’s only my mum in the flat So I didn’t fill out the form.  Four weeks later I got a bill for the $318, without completing and returning the form ??? I called the council and asked them to explain how it is that I didn’t complete the application form, but now have a bill.  They told me it’s required.  I asked them to show me where ‘by law’ a homeowner has to have this.  If it was required surely it would have been charged up-front with all the other fees we paid at the approval stage. All they could proved me with was information stating ‘it’s council’s responsibility to allocate street numbers and I agree with that.  However, I don’t understand why I have to have this for a flat that is hooked up the main house for all utilities.  Can someone please help me.  Thank you

Hi there – which municipality do you live in?

on 13 December 2016.
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