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Dear Sir, Madam,

” Last Will and Testament.”

This is a complicated and difficult set of family circumstances’, to try and explain…It is not my intent to elongate this written message or labour the twists and turns’, that has led to our circumstances’…Basically, I beg your indulgence for some pertinent standouts’, that may help, form a reasonable insight..


My name is Barry Lang and I’m a 72yr ( Born Mater Hospital Brisbane QLD_ 9 August 1947)  and a Vietnam Veteran, primarily nominated by my brother and sister, to endeavour to see if we can seek advice and help, regarding our mother’s “Last will and Testament.”


My brother Keith Lang is 67yrs of age (Born 12 December 1951_ Mater Hosp Brisbane) and has “MS”, wheelchair bound and legally blind… My sister Denise is 70yrs of age and has been estranged from our mother, mainly because of our sister-in-law, my brother’s wife. Our sister-in-law Deidre Lorraine Lang ( Nee Lincoln) has been instrumental along with some input from the carer in past years, in having our mother change the will, without our knowledge along with the  EPOA granted in 2007 to me, by Mum . The initial “Will” was lodged with the “Queensland Trustees” approximately 1956-57 and never changed until 2015?…Mum, Joan Muriel Lang, is still alive and turns 99yrs, on the 10th December, this year.


Our mother was taken to a QLD practice in Brisbane on the 19th June 2015 at the, then, age of 94yrs, by our sister-in-law and in the process, the will was witnessed by a solicitor and changed along with EPOA…. The “Will” left half the proceeds to our brother Keith and half the proceeds to a long term neighbour (Part time Carer / Nominated by myself in 2007 after Mum had a “TIA” and appropriately appointed by DVA) who insisted she ( Part Time Carer) was entitled to have the half the proceeds proceeds of the will as Mum is a “War Widow / WW11.” and our father served on the Kokada Trail… Also the proceeds of the will, should Keith not survive, due to his illness, is to be split, between the sister-in-laws son’s, who were born to a previous marriage, between Deidre and her at the time, spouse… My sister and I receive $1.00 each.


I have retained as proof a document / cognitive test prepared for “Mum by ACAT Southport” in my presence and my sisters presence, which clearly states’, Mum was found to have “ Impaired Capacity” tested and signed by an ACAT assessor, on the 7th May 2015, unable to understand , handle and or sign administrative matters placed in front of her….In regard to Mums estate, it is a mere pittance perhaps $80,000.00 – $120,000.00 ?…My brother Keith, asked his wife Deidre, when he found out about the will, for a copy of the will, perhaps 4yrs ago but she told him, was not entitled to a copy and he never did get to see a copy, until recently, when I started to request a copy from the Brisbane practice….It was labour intensive, trying to obtain a copy but they finally released a copy recently, to my brother, Keith…


My brother Keith, has instructed me and insists’ he wants this “Will” changed, even though he receives equal portions’, upon Mums’, passing…He is located at Coomera with “Youngcare, Esplanade, Coomera” and is limited given his circumstances but the facility doe’s have appropriate  transport, to enable his carriage…. I on the other hand, live in NSW, at West Haven 2443 and travel to see him, which I will be doing, between the 15th– 20th October, 2019… I also recently ( 5 August 2019 ) regained “ Administration” for my mother’s affair’s, decision process conducted by QCAT with entitlement removed from Deidre our sister-in-law guardianship is maintained by the facility she resides in…Enough for now I guess, but, much more to tell, should we be able to just be lucky enough, to have someone, see the injustice, that has been served here…Our sister has been depleted of feelings and holds a great deal of malice towards Deidre and has only just recently started to communicate who Keith and I but he insists she is to be part of the will, just as Mum and Dad put into  place all those years ago…We as siblings have always had the tyranny of distance between Mum and our workplace, so contact was always by phone every week or so, or at a time when travel would fit in with commitments, owing to the workplace…The carer resided as a neighbour just down from Mum for 20 odd years or so?…


My Mob No = 0412514431

Keith’s Mob No = 0422795940  ( Having trouble seeing his mobile his practiced use is limited.)


If there is no chance, whatsoever could  someone tell us, as funding, as you can see, is limited…Any payment for services, would fall on my shoulders’, which I’m open to, provided it is also reasonably, priced…. Alternatively payment if successful….Thank you so much in advance, really sorry to unload these concerns…. We have been alerted to the fact that this is now quite common!!




Law Noob Asked on 3 September 2019 in Wills and Estates.
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