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Here we go again. The Gold Coast Police have been accused of an ‘horrendous’ assault on a young 21 year old man whilst in handcuffs in Surfers Paradise last year. Constable Matthew Neijman had alleged Mr Mechen had spat at him before the punch occurred, and Mr Mechen was charged with three counts of assaulting police.

Now just before a video emerges allegedly showing a completely different story, the Police have dropped the assault charges.

What is it with Police allegedly bashing people in handcuffs?  Is it the case that they can’t help themselves? And is it also the case that they can’t lie straight in bed, and only change their tune when video footage emerges that shows what really happened?

Who would want to go out at night on the Gold Coast? Ironically, it might not be other members of the public you have to worry about, but the very people that are meant to keep you safe – the Police.  Imagine how many more incidents there are that have not been put under the public limelight?

See the footage here.

The Brisbane Times has more:

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